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Customer Service Agent (Below Wing) - ATH

Delta Airlines Athens, GA
customer service operational safety delta customer service security procedures brand business partners mission compliance travel smooth
March 27, 2023
Delta Airlines
Athens, GA

  • Vision: Deliver world-class service to all customers.

  • Mission: Make every customer feel like the most valued person.

At Delta, our brand is critical to our continued success. As a Customer Service Agent, you play a key part in keeping our brand strong by demonstrating strict adherence to uniform compliance, maintaining professionalism, and exhibiting a positive attitude inside and outside of work. 

As a Customer Service Agent, you will be central in demonstrating Delta’s commitment to our customers by making their travel experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

·         Oversees and coordinates operational performance, including safety, on-time departure (D0), security and customer service delivery.

·         Needs to have strong analytical, organizational, and administrative skills and be able to multi-task and to focus on different priorities in different operational areas at the same time.

·         Promotes team building with business partners and vendor workforce and leadership.

·         Needs to observe BW operation on ramp handling, cargo handling, safety and security procedures in order to be compliant in all aspects and the Business Partners are following the DL requirements.

·         Displays a positive image of Delta.

·         Needs to be able to activate emergency response procedures.

·         Efficiently coordinates with internal resources while working under pressure and time constraints to dispatch flights on time.

·         Performs a variety of duties according to the functional work area assignment; however, agents may be cross-utilized and be required to perform all functions. Specific functions, tasks, and departments may vary or be added depending upon the location and operational requirements.

·         Subject to rotating shifts and off days.

·         May require outside work.

·         Practices safety-conscious behaviors in all operational processes and procedures, and makes safety and security, of self and others, the priority.

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